Hanan & Anwar Wedding photography Santorini

One of the most photogenic weddings I have ever photographed. Hanan from Kuwait and her husband Hanwar also from Kuwait with an English side to his family. The whole affair from ceremony through to reception party was to be held at the La Maltese Hotel in Imerovigli. The English side to this wedding came from the North East of England, my birth place , so I was at ease from the start knowing I would be working with fellow Northerners.

At our meeting at the hotel before their wedding day,Hanan asked me to ,"photograph everything and please no cheese". Over 70 guests were expected to attend from Kuwait and England.

I arrived at the hotel at 2.30pm to capture the getting ready shots of the bride and groom, I knew this was going to be easy, the bride Hanan was beautiful, her facial features are a photographers dream, her husband to be Hanwar, was an equally handsome guy, and just as easy to photograph. The day was very warm, not a cloud to be seen, however this was to change for a short period during the reception party when a thick cool humid mist rolled in from the north threatening to take the party indoors. The mist lasted for about half an hour, I don't think many people even noticed it.

A couple of really cool additions to the event was the inclusion of a guitarist who entertained the guests during the cocktail hour and a saxophonist who mingled with the guests through the wild dancing and partying of the reception , wailing out his tune in harmony to the disco music.

The views from the hotel balconies, the colours of the dusk sunset light mixed with candlelight , the architecture of the hotel itself and all of the beautiful people involved with the wedding of Hanan and Anwar made the event very easy to work. I hope I have done this wedding the justice it deserved, I enjoyed every minute.

One very uplifting and pride filled moment for me was when the sister of the groom, one of the beautiful bridesmaids, approached me during the reception party and asked me to be her photographer at her wedding ( I forget your name sorry, but you know who you are ) I mentioned that it is a good idea to wait and see the photographs before making this decision, she said, "I don't have to, I like how you work".,...Wow !!! . Thank you so much please Contact me here.

To sum up, Hanan and Anwar were a very pleasant couple to work with, their preparations were stylish and floor-less, everybody had a ball certainly a wedding to remember with happiness and pride. I hope everybody can relive their fond memories in years to come with the collection of images they received from this remarkable event on Santorini island Greece
Thank you all,