Santorini wedding photographer, Workshops.


Join me on the beautiful Island of Santorini for a fun packed day of photography workshops, creating environmental
portraits using off camera flash, difuser, reflector and
constant lighting techniques to create beautiful images.

One day courses start in March 8th 2017, then every 2nd Wednesday till 18th October 2017.
All you have to do is bring your camera, tripod flash, and any accessories such as gels for your flash gun.

The one day Greek Island photography workshop is great for photographers already planning a visit to the Island
in 2017.If you wish to come to specifically to join the Greek Island photography workshop you need to know
the courses commence and finish in Kamari a resort close to the airport.

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All students will meet (Tuesday evening)at a designated point in kamari, for a beverage a chat and to get aqainted.
Starting at 10am on kamari beach Wednesday, we will photograph the model with different poses using flash for key and backlighting. I will show you how to control posing, ambient light and flash to get the desired effect of your photograph. After a morning on the beach we will break for lunch before we head out to a different location and more challenging lighting conditions, where you can put into action the techniques learned from the morning session.

By now each student should have grasp on the techniques involved using available light,flash lighting and reflectors. We will take a short break and then go onto the most exiting part of the workshop course for me, low light techniques using flash and LED constant lighting paired with reflectors.

The best conditions to photograph is in the morning or evening when the sun is low in the sky, using the exposure triangle of ISO, Shutter speed and F.stop, we will get very creative on the last part of the course.Utilising all of the skills we have learned through out the day. By now you should be able to create images you see below "Mood", I will of course be on hand to guide you and help you create your desired effect. We will use all of the lighting techniques to the best advantage and create stunning moody images,in the fading ambient light.

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Booking and Payment

The price for each course is 150 Euros pp.You can provisionally book on the course at any time with no payment necessary, you will be contacted 8 weeks prior to the commencement of the course and asked to pay a non-returnable deposit payment of 25 Euros, your final payment of 125 Euros will be due in full 4 weeks before the course begins. Each Greek Island photography workshop course has a minimum limit of 4 attendees should this limit not be reached any monies paid will be returned in full or a placement on the following course will be offered.

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