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Hello and Welcome to my Santorini photo shoot page.

Many couples arrive in Santorini each year to enjoy a vacation on this beautiful Greek Island.Some of them decide to join me for a professional photo shoot to inspiring scenic places around the Island, towns like Oia or Fira traditional villages such as Megalachori or Katherados and of course the famous beaches with their black volcanic sand.

People book my services for many reasons, perhaps they want maternity or anniversary photos, proposal, engagement photos or they are just visiting and choose to take a Santorini photo shoot as part of their trip of a lifetime. Whatever the reasons they are sure to leave the Island with a collection of fantastic images as a memory of their stay in Santorini.

Take a look through my portfolio of amazing images taken around the Island of Santorini, there is a towns and villages collection,nature collection beaches and derelict buildings collection. All of the images you will receive are edited to a very high standard, they can be printed big and displayed round your home. You will receive all of your images via the internet approx 3 weeks after the photo shoot. Once you download them they will be ready for printing,sharing or placed in a coffee table album for your freinds and relatives to enjoy while they are visiting.

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How the Santorini photo shoot works.

You have three choices a 1 hour photo shoot ( transport not included ) 2 hour or a 3 hour photo session. ( transport included ) Once you have booked a photoshoot, your date and time is confirmed through our email correspondence, I will mail you 2 weeks prior to you arriving in Santorini to set up a short meeting with you at your hotel before the day of the shoot, (applies to the 2 and 3 hour shoot) This meeting is mainly to break the ice beteween you and I, we will discuss the shoot , where we will be going and what to wear. On the day of the photo shoot I will pick you up from your hotel with my assistant and transport you to some inspiring locations on the Island of Santorini, to take some awesom images which you will treasure for a lifetime at the end of your shoot I will drop you back at your hotel, its as easy as that.

Important notes.

No pre-consultation is available for the 1 hour photo shoot we will meet for the first time on the day of the photo shoot.I advise all clients to start their Santorini photo shoot as early as possible in the morning especially the end of June through July August and September, the temperature is way into the 30degree mark during these times, also the Island is full of tourists. To give us a better chance of coming away with the best possible images it is better to be comfortably cool and to avoid the crowds.

During these months also, a Sunset photo shoot is out of the question in the towns of Oia and Fira, if you prefer a sunset shoot rather than a morning shoot then I will take you to more manageable places on the Island somewhere wehere the crowds are less and it is easier to move around.Find a sample video of my work on YouTube here